Managed Services:

Networking your computers is the logical choice to make if you have two or more at your home or business. Sharing everything from files and printers to scanners and internet access. Not sure if networking is right for you? Call us today for a free consultation. We take the guesswork out of network implementation.

Managed Support: Network support means more than a quick response to a network crisis. It's being ready for every contingency. It's customized. It's based on client needs.

Response Time: When your end users depend on you for support, depend on NetSync. We have answers to your most complex networking questions, and should you ever require it, our engineers can be at your site, as quickly as you need us to be there.

Help Desks/Telephone Support: We become your first and last line of support. We support your business such that your network doesn't demand your attention, and that is to say we're doing a good job. While others may strive on network crisis support, we focus on network crisis prevention. At NetSync Technologies we design and engineer programs that prevent downtime altogether. In our view, the focus of support is not what is lost when your network goes down, but what is gained when it stays up................

Also, fast response to customers' questions when you need answers to resolve an issue access our knowledgebase.

Maybe you need telephone troubleshooting, or e-mail and software support, or a system engineer or technician dispatched in an emergency, NetSync Technologies can customize a program tailored to your needs.

RemoteSite Management: For immediate assistance in locating the cause of a network problem, NetSync can remotely dial and or connect into your network. As a result, we can be as effective as a team on-site without incurring the cost associated with on-site support. With NetSync remote site management, you do not notice our being away, because we are just a phone call away same as your in-house technical staff. You call us, we fix it, next minute you're back working. We also proactively manage your network so problems can be corrected before users are affected. We call it Stealth management, you call it Excellent service.

NetSync Technologies Employs Preventive Maintenance: This is a set of clearly defined, realistic expectations of what will occur as outlined in our methodology and agreed upon by both parties. You know exactly what you're getting. No confusion. No surprises. We come into a support situation knowing what you want and you come out as a winner.

Quarterly meetings for status update and further planning. This practice for managing your network is a rare option in many vendor's contracts today. With us at NetSync, this is standard. Documentation and updates every six months for smarter management and comprehensive knowledge of your network design. Effective documentation is an up-to-date documentation. Documentation is the proof of how well your network is being supported. Providing you with this documentation is just another way we support you. Monthly customer reports for network updates.

NetSync generates full reports on network activity at multiple levels. Vendor specific patches for easy access to the software you need.NetSync knows your network, and therefore, we will proactively make the software that can yield critical enhancement in your network available to you. Check our web page for easy downloads.

Proactive network management. In a nutshell, you're covered. Networks do go down, but rarely without warning. Proactive remote management constantly surveys your network and notifies you at the first sign of trouble. We can give you the head's up when: hard drives are going bad (redirect blocks) memory stops functioning circuit boards overheat IP sockets show user security issues or hard drive space running out software "hangs" or doesn't work right (especially important for mission critical applications) backup doesn't run viruses are detected either at the server or the workstation

Project Management:

For site installation & Project Management, we use qualified engineers for installation and post-installation support and offer full system certification as required. As soon as we receive your instruction to proceed on a project, a project manager is appointed who oversees the installation from start to finish. The project manager will take the responsibility for ensuring the project is completed on time and to your satisfaction. All necessary liaison with the chosen network service provider will be carried out on your behalf unless otherwise indicated.