NetSync Technologies is a full-service computer company that provides you with a one-stop shop for all your technology needs from selection to analysis and design, implementation, management and support. These includes but not limited to the following: Feasibility Studies, Project Analysis, Project Management, Internet Database Solutions, Internetworking, Systems Integration, Infracstrucure Topology Evaluation, Network Management, Tiered Technical Support and Managed Resources Maintenance.

The expertise which we provide our customers and sound relationship with our alliance partners is core to our business and is a great reference which is symbolic of the kind of services you can expect from us. In supporting small and medium sized businesses of diversified specialized professions to utilize technology more effectively. At NetSync we are your on call IT department. We compliment our services by continually expanding our relationships with top tier service providers and passing the savings to our clientele. Leveraging technology so you can more effectively manage your business processes and improve on ROI.

Our scope is to be responsible to our customers; to continue to enhance our knowledge and keep abreast of new technologies, and be ready to apply it for the day to day benefits of our customers. This enable us to provide unrivalled professional advice, because we know our customers as well as their needs. Our numerous customers across every industry are closely supported by technical staff and our own BSI/ISO 9000 approved teams which operate from different centers for ease of deployment. These are strategically placed to ensure that as an organization we are able to respond to the needs of our clients rapidly and effectively.

It is the combination of industry experience, technical expertise, leading products and a reliable service that make us a leading force in the industry. Most importantly, we never forget our aim to provide a first class customer service.